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AERON 2021/22

Alloy HD 29

Alloy Range HD29 OS Slalom 2020 1023.png
Alloy HD 29

• 140 - 200cm  (loop go)

• 160 - 220cm   ( loop go)

• 200 - 260cm   (3 pulley)

AERON  ALLOY BOOM RANGEThe best alloy booms just got better. The improved weight and stiffness of the new boom head compliments the already near perfect alloy booms.  Depending on size and models, the booms may be std with pure RDM mast cup or STD cup with RDM adapter compatibility. The die cast alloy lever is the only one on the market and comes standard on all  2021 Aeron Alloy booms.  (exc kids boom)


The HD Series continues into 2021 with the upgraded features:
• Reduced  weight
• Stiffer Head Connection
• Available in full RDM or  STD diam with RDM adapter mast cup
• Cast Alloy Lever

The  HD series  boom  is ideal for the  heavier rider looking for maximum durability at an affordable  price  ( the  ultimate being Carbon )

IMG_1260 copy.png
IMG_1261 copy.png
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